What Should You Look For in Single Family Home Property Management?

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As a property owner, you may have discovered that managing a single-family home rental property can be a full-time job. You may also have found, frustratingly, that you don’t have all the tools and understanding it takes to manage such a property. If you’ve got more than one rental property, the issues of course multiply. Don’t worry—you’re not alone. We’re here to assist you with all of your single-family home property management needs!

As a property owner, you generally have two very specific goals: to keep your rental consistently occupied with good tenants, and to keep rental revenue occurring. There are many moving parts that must all work in coordination for property management to succeed. These range from tenant placement to rent collection, from maintenance to evictions. They include balancing cash flow, expenses, tenant needs and legal requirements.

Majority Property Type

Single-family homes are extremely popular in the Denver area, which explains why they are the most common property rental type in the locality. The demand for them is substantial, and there are even a number of large Wall Street investment companies in the market buying single-family homes in Denver. Recent press encourages Denver property owners to not sell because they are “sitting on a gold mine.”

What this means is that you aren’t alone in owning a terrific single-family home that can offer you a great return. There are many people who want to rent from you. The best way to take advantage of your resource is to find effective and efficient property management.

Tenant Responsibilities

Single-family home property management is different from managing multi-unit buildings for a number of reasons. As the owner, you are responsible for building maintenance. There are no HOA issues to deal with or manage.

Management responsibility includes making sure the tenant knows what their responsibilities are. Tenant responsibilities include snow removal from sidewalks, driveways and stairs. They include maintaining the home in a clean manner and the payment of utility bills. The tenant is responsible for yard maintenance, lawn mowing, weeding, and making sure there are no large sections of dead grass or extreme lawn wear due to dogs. When they move out, tenants must also return the home to management in the same condition as they found it when they moved in.

Checking Up

The responsibilities of management include regular tenant check-ins to make certain the home is being cared for. There should be regular visits to ensure that conditions of the lease agreement are being adhered to, such as the number of tenants and pets.

Look to Us

Real Property Management offers two types of service when it comes to single-family home property management.

Our full service includes showing the home to tenants, making all necessary filings, managing lease and maintenance related communication, and overseeing the day-to-day management after the lease has been signed.

We also off offer simple tenant placement, which includes advertising the rental, showing it to tenants, and getting the lease signed. Once the lease has been signed, you as the owner take over day-to-day management.

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