How To Better Understanding Condo and Townhome Property Management

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Many multi-unit property owners think that it’s in their best interest to manage their properties themselves, and they are thereby creating an unnecessary workload that could easily be avoided. If you own one or more duplexes or multi-unit buildings, you generally have two top priorities: to make sure rental revenue is consistently coming in and to make sure each of your units is always rented by reliable tenants.

A row of new townhouses or condominiums in the Colorado Front-range

There are many factors associated with condo and townhome property management that must be present and functional. These factors include tenant placement, maintenance, rent collection, evictions, expenses, balancing cash flow, legal requirements and tenant needs.

Booming Market

The population of Colorado’s front-range urban areas—Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins—is currently booming, and condos and townhomes are the perfect environment for young millennials moving here. For the same reasons, it can also be a fantastic opportunity for investors seeking to own multiple properties. A property management company such as ours is designed to take full advantage of such a boom.

Management Responsibilities

Given the considerable duties of condo or townhome multi-unit management, you should consider professional management to make sure all responsibilities are taken care of. Management companies see that utility bills are transferred to the tenants correctly based on what is not included with the homeowner’s association (HOA). They coordinate all interior maintenance (but not exterior), and make regular site visits to make sure units are being maintained. Management also handles all tenant communication with the HOA, such as passing along community updates, HOA violations, and upcoming exterior maintenance. When it comes to conditions of the lease agreement such as the number of allowable tenants and pets, management regularly visits to make sure these are being adhered to. Finally, it is up to management to process the security deposit to ensure the tenants return the unit to the owner at the end of a leasing term in the condition in which it was leased, normal wear and tear excepted.

Look to Us for Condo and Townhome Property Management

 All of the factors involved in management can add up to a seriously complicated operation if they’re not handled in an efficient, systematic and reliable way. Many property managers aren’t fully equipped to deal with the varied demands of condo and townhouse rental. When you need multi-unit buildings managed, Real Property Management Colorado serves as a total solution to the many issues that can arise.

Real Property Management offers two types of service when it comes to condo and townhome property management:

Our full service includes handling all of the day-to-day management for your rental home, including advertising and showing the unit to prospective residents, resident screening and deposit collection, lease signings, collecting and disbursing rent, resident communication, maintenance repairs, and any other issue that may arise

We also offer simple tenant placement, which includes advertising the rental, showing it to tenants, and getting the lease signed. Once the lease has been signed, you as the owner take over day-to-day

When you hire our team of professionals for landlord leasing services and property management, our team gets your property rented quickly to qualified tenants, makes sure you are sent your rent checks on time, and looks after your property while it’s occupied—all the while complying with ever-changing laws and regulations.

Last year alone, Real Property Management Colorado helped 1,129 Denver, Colorado Springs and Northern Colorado property owners get their properties leased, with an average time on the market of only 27.1 days.

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