Tips to Protecting You and Your Property From Hail

Colorado Property Management, Denver Property Management

Spring and Summer in Colorado is hail season. Not only can hail storms hit with little warning and can range in size from pea to softball, the damage caused can be quite extensive no matter the size. Last year, Colorado ranked #1 for hail damage according to Farmer’s Insurance, costing homeowners billions in repairs. So what steps can you take to protect yourself and your property?

#1: Find Shelter

The first and most important step to take when hail strikes is to protect yourself. If you’re inside, stay away from windows and don’t go outside until the storm passes. If you happen to be outside, AAA Colorado recommends seeking out the nearest sturdy structure. If you can’t find any available shelter, find something to protect your head. If outside, stay away from trees, where winds and hail can cause limbs to fall and increase the risk of hurting yourself.

#2: Protect Your Car

If you’re out driving when hail strikes, find a covered spot or pull over immediately if none is available. Driving during a hail storm can increase the risk of broken windshields and windows. Make sure to contact your car insurance provider to make sure you have the right coverage, too.

#3: Protect Your Home

The best protection for your home and rental property is a sturdy roof. Have your roof inspected annually to check for damage and wear. Being proactive can save you tons. And when it comes time to replace the roof, consider using materials that can withstand severe weather. Talk to your roofer about what options are best for your home.

#4: After the Storm

When hail strikes, be sure to report any damage to your insurance carrier as soon as possible. Remember when hail strikes, it affects multiple homes, so the sooner you get your insurance involved, the sooner you can begin to fix any damage.