Two Wheels are Better Than Four

Denver Property Management, In the Community

Denver-Cycle-a-Bicycle-shareAccording to a recent study, Denver is now one of the top “Two-Wheel” towns in the nation.  People from near and far are running to the Mile High city for its incredible job opportunities, health centric mentality, and unbeatable scenery – all thanks to the Rocky Mountains.  The Colorado culture is rooted in outdoor adventures and innovative ways to live based off of globally conscious, beneficially sustainable lifestyles not only for residences but also the environment.  That being said, it is no surprise Denver ranked number 4 on the nation’s list of “Most Bikeable Cities” by Walk Score, an apartment listing company owned and operated by Seattle-based national real estate brokerage Redfin Corp.

The continual construction along Denver city streets and neighborhoods create wider boulevards, allowing the biking community the space they need to ride the roads.  The accessibility of the city when on two wheels, as opposed to four, makes biking to work, the grocery store, or simply leisurely weekend biking all the more appealing.  Weather you’ve been biking all your life, or have yet to join the trend – Denver is the place to be.  The state’s official Bike to Work Day is June 24th but is encouraged as a year round activity, because two wheels are better than four.  Check out the city’s public bike option to rent bikes for the day and cruise around the Denver and discover all it has to offer.

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