How To Handle Problem Tenants

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Have you ever wondered or worried about how to handle problem tenants? After spending money to buy or build rental properties, most investors hope to enjoy the fruits of their investments for the long term. However, unruly tenants can turn this dream into a nightmare. For example, you may have tenants who refuse to pay rent on time, fail to reasonably clean or maintain the property, or even vandalize your property.  We often get asked what our strategy is when we encounter an unruly tenant.

One of the huge advantages of using a property management company like RPM Colorado, is that we know the legal rights and requirements in Colorado, and we take care NOT to harass or take measures that could be in violation of those tenants rights.    However, we do have plenty of legal and effective options at our disposal.

Proper Screening

Our first step is proper screening to avoid the situation in the first place.  Some property management companies in Colorado opt for inexpensive background reports that don’t always provide a complete picture.  Our system goes much deeper, and performs detailed checks that include actual phone calls to employers and previous landlords.  Even with the most comprehensive vetting process, there is no guarantee that situations won’t change.  Unemployment and divorce are both common reasons how a rental situations can change.

Routine Inspections

Inspections allow a property management companies to ensure that the property is clean, and that the tenants are abiding by the rental agreement.  These issues allow us to identify not only problems caused by the tenants, like unapproved pets, uncleanliness, and holes in walls or doors. If any illegal activity is suspected, the police are immediately notified.  Inspections also allow us to identify issues that we need to take care of, like plumbing leaks.  Drive by inspections require no advanced notice, and can be a quick way to determine if a scheduled walk through inspection is necessary.

Written Notification Of Rental Agreement Violations

The first step we take once rental agreement violations have been discovered, is to notify the tenant in writing, and request compliance within a specific time frame.  Depending on the violation, a second and even third notice can be sent to give the tenant every opportunity to resolve the situation without resorting to legal measures.

Begin The Eviction Process

If the tenant refuses compliance with the rental agreement, we begin the eviction process according to Arizona law.  We handle the entire eviction process so you won’t have to. Ask us about our popular Eviction Protection Plan!