Top Themes For Hiring a Colorado Property Management Company- What Our Clients Value Most

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Providing excellent service to our clients remains a top priority for us here at Real Property Management Colorado. We asked, they answered, and we heard loud and clear! First things first, thank you to all who participated in both of our client surveys and a huge congratulations to our two winners for each respective drawing. We’re grateful for each and every one of you and value your feedback immensely. After all, we couldn’t do what we do without you. So let’s take a moment to talk about the top themes from both surveys and dive into what our clients value most when it comes to managing their rental property, as well as what factors you should look for when hiring a Colorado Property Management Company.

What’s Most Important When Hiring a Colorado Property Management Company

Both of our surveys touched on what clients consider the most important factor when it comes to their rental property. The main themes from the initial survey spoke of having reliable tenants, thorough communication, and effective maintenance management. But what was the most important? The majority of those surveyed indicated that having responsible, reliable, and long-term tenants was most important to them (98%), followed closely by clear and proactive updates about the status of their property.

Reliable tenants and clear communication are essential for profitable and successful rental management. For that reason, our team has procedures in place to thoroughly screen prospective tenants and provide clear and concise communication at every stage in the property management cycle. Our screening process aligns with all of the local, state, and federal laws while maintaining a strict criteria to find qualified applicants for your property. And as things change, we’re always adapting and improving to meet the needs of both our clients and our residents.

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Communication is Key

The second and third most important things to our clients revolved around communication. Providing the necessary updates about the property and effectively communicating the costs involved with routine and emergency maintenance ranked high on the list. Our goal for communication has always been transparency and our team works hard to keep the information flowing smoothly. And to help make this process even better, we’re partnering with AppFolio as our chosen property management software! This switch will increase our ability to provide swift and concise communication in real time to our clients and residents. The workflows and automations within AppFolio will also help us to provide clear and routine updates to our clients, keeping them informed at every step in the process, whether it be regarding lease violations, tenants moving in or out, or maintenance requests and the associated costs of those repairs.

Relief and Peace of Mind

Being relieved of the day-to-day tasks and stress of managing a rental is a given. And while both aspects are important to our clients, they ranked on the bottom tiers compared to the other themes listed. After all, it’s why many turn to hiring a property management company in the first place. You expect your chosen property manager to do these things for you.

That being said, we’re always looking for ways to improve across the board. New procedures, new software, an improved operating and management system; all of these things align towards increasing our client’s peace of mind and the overall value of our services. Our goal is to provide immense value and the best possible experience at every level within our company. Our goal is to help you reach yours.

Hiring a Colorado property management company to manage your rental property involves a lot of thought and consideration. After all, you want to make sure the people overseeing your biggest asset care about what they’re doing. It’s a decision that takes time, and our team is ready to help answer any and all of your questions! Our clients experience remarkable results for one major reason: because Real Property Management Colorado CARES about what we do. And if you’re ready to learn more, we’re just a phone call away!

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