November Home Maintenance List for Arvada Rental

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November is here, which means so is the cold weather! Is your Arvada rental home ready for the snowy days ahead? Help combat the chill and problems that come with it by following this November home maintenance list.

November Home Maintenance List

Check these items off your list to best protect your rental home.


Keep Pests Out

We all love a nice, warm home during November, but so too do all the pesky critters outside trying to escape the cold. Make sure your Arvada rental is pest-proof by sealing even the smallest of entry points. Repair any holes or gaps in the exterior of your home, screen attic vents, or repair any damaged roof tiles. Make sure to seal any gaps around exterior plumbing and cables, and check the weatherstripping around your garage door for gaps or holes. And if you think a hole is too small to worry about, remember mice can squeeze through an opening the width of a pencil. Imagine how much damage they can do then decide it’s worth the extra work and time.


Have Your Air Vents Cleaned

November means cold and cold means turning on the heat. All that warm air circulating regularly throughout the home also pushes dust and debris around. This can wreak havoc on your furnace. Not to mention all that dust floating around is just gross. So make sure to add having your vents cleaned to your November to-do list.


Schedule a Furnace Tune-up

Routine maintenance not only keeps your HVAC system in tip-top shape, but it’s also a great way to find problems before they grow out of control. Experts recommend having your furnace serviced at the start and end of every season, meaning once in the Fall and again in the Spring. Schedule to have your furnace inspected, cleaned, and tuned up so it’s ready for the cold days ahead.


Check Exterior Railings and Stairs

Stairs and snow are a treacherous combination. Add to that loose railings or unstable steps and you’re looking at a world of trouble, and possibly a lawsuit. Take some time to make sure both your steps and railings can stand up to the weight of the upcoming snow.


Replace Your Weatherstripping

Proper weatherstripping around doors and windows is an essential part of keeping your house warm in winter. Gaps in doors and windows let warm air leech out and cold air sneak in. This can run up the heating bill and cause undue stress on your heating system. Not to mention gaps in weatherstripping are a great way for pests to creep inside. Look for any light shining through when doors are closed. This will show you where your weatherstripping needs to be replaced. For windows, feel around for any drafts to find where new sealant is required.


Clean and Inspect Your Chimney

One of the joys of Fall and Winter is cozying up by a warm fireplace. Whether your rental home has a wood-burning or a gas fireplace, it pays to have it serviced prior to the coming snows. Doing so helps remove nasty build-up and catching unseen issues that can lead to housefires if not addressed properly.


Have the Gutters Cleaned

All those falling leaves lead to lots of debris that can clog your gutters. Failure to clean these out can cause ice dams, ruin your siding, and cause other structural damage that can cost thousands in repairs.


Have the Roof Inspected

Colorado is known fairly well for its changing weather. Winter is no different. One day there’s a foot of snow on the ground and the next it’s melting under that clear and sunny sky. All of that snowmelt can create leaks and more if your roof isn’t up to par. Have your roof inspected this November to check for loose or damaged shingles and stop leaks before they occur.


Trim Back Trees and Shrubs

Heavy snows can lead to broken branches, which can lead to shattered windows and other exterior damages. Avoid costly damage by trimming trees and shrub branches away from your rental home.


Talk About Snow Removal

Last but not least, talk to your tenants about who is responsible for snow and ice removal at the property. If you own a condo or townhome, odds are that service may be included in your HOA. If you own a single-family home, check your lease to see if your tenants should be handling this. If you own a small apartment building, it’s best that you handle it or contract someone to do it for you. Once you’ve determined who’s responsible, double-check how soon snow and ice removal needs to happen after it snows.


November is a great month. With crisp days and chilly nights, it’s a time to be thankful and to remember. So this year, don’t forget to take care of these few Fall maintenance items and show your rental home, your tenants, and your investment your gratitude.

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