5 Reasons to Give Up Property DIY

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You bought your property with the intention to handle maintenance and upkeep yourself. You thought you would be able to save money by opting out of property management. However, since then, things have changed. You got promoted, you have a family, you moved away, etc. You just didn’t realize how much time “doing it yourself” would require. 

Home owner frustrated and thinking of 5 reasons to give up property diy

Property Owners Wear Too Many Hats!

When you choose to manage your own property, you have many responsibilities. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with the number of hats you have to wear. Some days you switch from accountant to plumber to landscaper and then showing agent. It can be overwhelming and stressful, and at the same time cost you more money than it should.

Property Management Companies Save Time, Energy and Money

What if you could eliminate all of the time and energy you dedicate to your rental property? Perhaps it would create more space for greater opportunities, more investments or even improved relationships.

Consider exploring a few different property management companies to take this extra burden off your shoulders.

We get it. There’s this whole time vs. money issue. Why would you pay a property manager when you can do it yourself?

  • Dedicated Care

A good property management company is dedicated to their tenants and properties. More than likely you have your own job in addition to taking care of your property, which can leave your tenants in the dark at times. Let the professionals take over.

  • Preventative Maintenance

Have you ever received an emergency call from your tenant? Do you feel like you’re always playing catch-up when it comes to the maintenance of your property? A property management company has plans in place for preventative maintenance to save you money from expensive emergency situations.

  • Knowledge Base

With professional experience, a property management company understands the laws and regulations for property owners and leasing tenants. They can save you time and money by knowing your rights as a property owner.

  •  Qualified Tenants 

Due to professional screening and applications, a property management company is able to find qualified tenants for your property. They also have a larger pool of applicants to pull from because they know where to place their marketing and advertising efforts.

  • Professional Mediator

Renting your property is a business, but sometimes the lines can become blurred. A property manager is better able to keep things on a strictly professional level. When issues arise, they are in a better position to effectively handle the situation. 

Property Management Companies aren’t always the bad guys lurking in the alley waiting to rip you off. When it’s time, research, interview and network to find the right property management company to suit your needs and expectations.