Locks and Rental Properties. Everything You Need to Know for Your Longmont Rental

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Tenants want a safe and secure environment to call home. It’s human nature, after all. The responsibility for offering a safe and secure rental fall on the shoulders of landlords and property managers alike, making it a top priority. So when it comes to locks and rental properties, what is required, and what should landlords, property managers, and rental property owners be aware of? 

Locks and Rental Properties

According to the Colorado Warranty of Habitability, a rental property must have functioning locks on all exterior doors and windows. It is the responsibility of landlords and property managers to maintain these to help ensure the safety of their residents and the security of the property. But what types of locks are required?

The answer is simply functional, but there are a few best practices to keep in mind. While deadbolts may not be specifically required, we highly recommend landlords and property owners have them installed. Deadbolts provide an extra level of security. Additionally, residents often request them if they’re not currently present. Having them offers greater peace of mind to both you and your residents and helps keep your greatest investment secure.

Don’t Forget Your Windows

Locks on all opening windows must also be functional and in good working order. Make sure they’re easy to lock and unlock, as well as easy to open.

Best Practices

Staying ahead of maintenance by replacing things as needed is a great way to remain proactive, especially when it comes to locks and your rental properties. Test all locks on doors and windows before new residents move in to ensure proper functionality. If you complete routine inspections throughout the lease, inspect and test them then, too. If at any time residents report an issue with the locks, be sure to address it promptly. And last but certainly not least, make sure to replace the locks in between tenants. Doing so ensures your new residents are safe and your home is secure.


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