Furnace Maintenance Tips for Fort Collins Rentals

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Winter is fast approaching, and the cold and snowy days are here to stay. When was the last time you had the furnace checked at your Fort Collins rental property? A broken or malfunctioning furnace can easily become a habitability concern when no or inadequate heat is provided. Staying on top of furnace maintenance not only helps catch issues before they can cause serious problems but can help you avoid larger issues altogether. So here are a few furnace maintenance tips for your Fort Collins rental to consider this Winter! And if you decide you’d rather leave managing maintenance at your Fort Collins rental property to someone else, Real Property Management Colorado is here to help! Start by getting your Free Rental Analysis.

Furnace Maintenance Tips

Know Your System

Proper furnace maintenance begins with knowing what type of heating system you have in place. Does your rental have a natural gas furnace or an electric one? How old is the system? What is the filter size and when was it last cleaned and serviced? Get familiar with your heating system to adequately assess how to address any heating issues should they arise.

Keep Up With Routine Maintenance Services

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: keeping up with routine and preventative repairs is crucial for your HVAC system. Routine repairs and cleaning help keep your furnace working smoothly. Having it serviced twice per year can help catch any issues before they cause further damage to your system. Experts recommend having your furnace serviced once in the Fall and again in the Spring.

Don’t Delay Smaller Repairs

When it comes to home maintenance, small problems left unrepaired can often snowball into larger issues. For this reason, it’s important not to delay any level of repair to your furnace, big or small. After all, a dollar saved today can cost you ten tomorrow. Be sure to address any small repairs needed to your furnace system as they arise to help cut down on more expensive repairs later down the road. This is crucial to keeping your system well-maintained and your Fort Collins rental home in working order.

Document and Track Services and Repairs

Documentation is essential when managing a rental property. Make sure to document and track all services completed on your furnace. Doing so can help identify and solve later issues and help you better determine when a replacement may be necessary instead of a repair.

Providing adequate levels of heat is a necessity when it comes to renting out your home. Stay ahead of any heating issues by following these simple furnace maintenance tips for your Fort Collins rental property!

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