What Amenities Do Tenants Most Desire?

Denver Property Management, Landlord Essentials

When it comes to renting, many tenants have their own personal preferences with what they look for. However, there are a few items that many renters look for when it comes time to find a place to call home. So what are the top amenities that many renters desire?


Location, location, location! As with every aspect of real estate, a rental property’s location can be a big driving factor when it comes to attracting tenants. From the neighborhood to nearby hot spots to easy travel access, having a rental property in a location that offers what tenants want is key. Make sure to highlight these in your rental ad!


Having a dedicated space to park your car is another amenity that many renters look for. No one wants to battle for parking. And with Colorado being the #1 state for hail damage, covered parking, such as a garage or covered carport, can be a major deciding factor for many tenants.

A Place for Fido

When more than 70% of renters come with pets, having a flexible pet policy for your rental can be a huge plus. Often times, renters filter their search based on properties that allow pets. So if you’re a hard no on your pet policy, this means many tenants don’t even see your ad!

Storage Options

Like parking, storage options can be a bonus for tenants. Walk-in closets, storage spaces, or kitchen pantries are all great amenities. While they may not be the ultimate deciding factor, they definitely can be a plus!

Appliances Included


How many tenants do you know come with their own fridge? How about a washer and dryer? No tenant wants to lug around heavy appliances with each move. That defeats the point of renting’s flexibility. And given that more than 50% of Denver’s population is made of renters, not including major appliances can potentially hurt your property’s chances of finding a quality tenant fast. Matching or upgraded appliances don’t hurt either.

Low Maintenance

Frequent repairs and maintenance issues can be just as big a pain for tenants as for homeowners, so having a rental property that is rent-ready, well maintained and in good working order is essential. Obviously, you can’t forgo maintenance issues completely. Repairs and maintenance emergencies are and always will be a part of owning and managing a rental. Staying on top of routine and preventative maintenance can help keep your rental in tip-top shape. And when emergencies do strike, be sure to address them quickly and efficiently.

Unit Upgrades

Keeping up with current trends and updating your rental property is another key factor in attracting a tenant. That means getting rid of the old, outdated carpet and floral wallpaper.  Choose neutral, durable, and cost-effective options when looking at updating your rental. Stainless steel and energy efficiency go a long way, too!

A Great Experience

The landlord-tenant relationship is a business one. As with any professional relationship, you want it to be a positive one. Be sure to respond to your tenant’s requests quickly and efficiently. Good service and prompt communication can go a long way in attracting good renters!