Tenant Holiday Tips for Living In a Rental

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It’s that time of year once again! Twinkling lights and crisp, white snow truly make for a magical time. Whether you plan to stay home for the holidays or venture out on a grand vacation, ensuring that the home you rent remains safe and secure should be top of mind. So without further ado, here are a few tenant holiday tips to help keep this season merry and bright!

Tenant Holiday Tips To Keep Your Season Merry and Bright

Decorate With Care

First things first, if you choose to decorate your home, check your lease for any restrictions. Be mindful of making any modifications that could cause damage, as these could be deducted from your security deposit at the end of your lease. Consider damage-free décor or hanging things with Command Strips vs nails or hooks. And when it comes time to hang the lights, keep fire safety tips in mind. Check the wires for any frayed wires or broken bulbs and replace them as needed. Don’t string more than three lights together at one outlet to avoid overloading the electrical circuits. If you opt for a live tree, keep it watered and monitor it closely to avoid a potential fire hazard. Remember even when fresh, live trees pose a fire hazard due to their needles and sap. Be sure to keep an eye on it or opt for a fake tree, instead. And while candles certainly create a festive ambiance, avoid burning them down to the wick and never leave them unattended. Consider fire-free scent options like wax melters or wall flowers. There’s no limit to the options available!

Safeguard Your Travel Plans

Traveling for the holidays can be exciting news. In fact, it’s news that thieves and burglars want to hear about, too! It’s not uncommon for criminals to scope out social media sites for unsuspecting victims posting their holiday travel plans in order to find potential targets. After all, it’s much easier to break into a home when no one’s there to stop you. Think twice about posting your plans online and consider upping the security on your accounts to control who can see what you’re posting. Once you’re back home safe and sound you can start photo-dumping all of those great pics from your vacation to share with the world.

Thwart Porch Pirates

Many people love the holidays, porch pirates included. And with all of the packages being delivered over the coming weeks, pickings are prime for opportunistic criminals. What better way to fund their holiday than snatching packages left out in the open? Luckily, there are easy ways to thwart porch pirates. Utilize package tracking and scheduled deliveries to ensure your items arrive at a convenient time. This way packages don’t remain out in the open. Some carriers offer to deliver to pick-up lockers instead, keeping your things safe and secure from sticky fingers. Talk to your landlord about gaining permission to install security cameras or video doorbells. While it’s not entirely foolproof, it can help discourage criminals from striking if they know they’re being watched.

Mind the Weather

You never really know what you’re going to get with Colorado weather. One day, temps range in the 60s and the next day it’s snowing. With temperatures fluctuating often, it pays to keep an eye on the forecast. Make sure you and your home are prepared for those sudden drops by keeping your heat above a certain temperature. We recommend keeping it at 68 degrees or higher. Keep outdoor faucets covered to prevent pipes from freezing. You can also keep faucets dripping slowly overnight to help prevent frozen pipes, too, as well as open cabinets to let warm air reach any pipes located behind the walls. Keep shovels and blowers available to help clear walkways. And in the event of an emergency, contact your landlord or property manager immediately.

The holidays truly are a wonderful time of year. Whether you’re staying home or venturing out, make the most of this season and be sure to enjoy it safely!

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