Snow Shoveling Hacks To Make Snow Removal at Your Denver Rental A Breeze!

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If you’ve lived in Denver for any amount of time during the winter months, you know snow can be a funny thing. The weather can go from sunny and 60 one day to snowy and below freezing the next. And if you own a rental property in the Mile High City, chances are you or your residents will shovel snow at some point this season. So to help make life a little bit easier, here are a few snow shoveling hacks for you or your residents to use at your Denver rental.

Snow Shoveling Hacks To Use At Your Denver Rental


1) The Power of Cooking Spray

Cooking spray isn’t just for keeping food from sticking to your pans. Spray a little on your shovel before you begin to help make it glide through the snow faster and to keep snow from sticking too much. Just be sure to wipe it down before storing it again. This trick works best for wet, heavy snow.


2) Try a Homemade De-Icing Cocktail

Commercial deicers can be hard on a home and are pretty harsh on the environment, too. The good news is you and your residents probably have all the ingredients for a DIY de-icing cocktail right in the kitchen or medicine cabinet. Use 3 parts vinegar to 1 part water to create a preventative spray to use before the storm rolls in. This will help make snow and ice removal a little easier once it starts coming down. Just be sure to keep any run-off away from your landscaping.

After the storm, try combining 2 parts rubbing alcohol to 1 part water to create a spray that helps prevent sidewalks and steps from icing over. Again, just be sure to keep any run-off contained and away from your landscaping.


3) Got A Leaf Blower?

Use your battery or gas-powered leaf blower to earn its keep in more than just the Fall. If the snow is light, powdery, and less than one inch thick, a leaf blower is an easy alternative to clear your walkways. Just be sure not to use it on snow that would be heavier than dry leaves or when it’s below freezing to prevent potential damage to your appliance.


4) Shovel Schedules

If possible, don’t wait until it stops snowing to begin shoveling. Otherwise, you could be up to your ears in snow. Try shoveling in 1-2 hour intervals to help stay on top of the snow.

Snow shoveling can feel tedious, but it’s a chore that comes with living in Colorado. So whether snow removal falls under your to-do list or is your tenant’s responsibility, make sure to work smarter, not harder, and use these helpful tips to get the job done!


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