Why You Shouldn’t Allow Smoking in a Rental Property

Landlord Essentials

As a rental property owner, this seems like an obvious choice, right? But despite the evidence for why smoking inside a home is a bad idea, some landlords allow their tenants to smoke in their rental property. Real Property Management Colorado’s leases forbid smoking of any kind inside of the property, helping to safeguard your greatest asset. If you’re interested in finding out more about how our services can help protect your investment, contact us today! Why some rental property owners allow smoking in a rental is anybody’s guess, but the reasons against letting tenants do so far outweigh the pros for allowing it. So what exactly does allowing tenants to smoke in a rental property do to your home?

What Smoking in a Rental Property Does To Your Home.


Damage, damage, and more damage, to say the least. Smoking inside a rental property drastically reduces the value of your greatest investment, making it harder to re-rent or even sell. Smoking indoors causes odors throughout the home, not just in the area where the cigarettes are lit. The vast number of chemicals contained in cigarettes lingers in the air, the furniture, the cabinets, the ceiling, and even clings to electrical outlets. Cigarette smoke also leaves stains as residue builds up on the walls, ceilings, and floors over time. And then there’s the risk of accidental fires inside the home, devastating both you and your tenants alike.


Mitigating The Damage After the Fact


Repairing the damage caused by smoking in a rental property depends on the extent. It often requires professional intervention, as cleaning it yourself won’t fully solve the issue. According to the American Lung Association, a full restoration from smoking damage could cost up to $15,000 in repairs. This involves a thorough cleaning of the physical damage as well as the remaining odors that can be challenging to mitigate. Ozone treatments, new paint, and new flooring may be required to fully ditch the cigarette funk. And even these may not be enough, as tougher stains can seep through the newly painted walls if not treated properly.


Just Don’t Do It


Smoking causes damage to both people and property. It’s a health hazard, a fire hazard, and a safety hazard that’s not worth the risk. There’s really no good argument for allowing it in the first place. Make sure your lease specifically forbids smoking inside the unit to help protect your property. Including that verbiage also gives you grounds to take action in the event your tenant does smoke inside. Conduct routine visits throughout the term of the lease, as well, to ensure your tenants aren’t lighting up inside. This can help prevent serious damage before it’s too late. And while you can charge them for the repairs for smoking inside, there’s not always the guarantee that you’ll see that money in the first place, meaning the costs for repairs are coming out of your pocket.