PCSing Soon? How Real Property Management Colorado Can Help With Your Military Relocation From Colorado Springs!

Colorado Springs Property Management

Colorado Springs boasts a great community for our military service members. It’s home to the Air Force Academy, Fort Carson, and Peterson Air Force Base. And with a very pro-military community and gorgeous mountain backdrop, it’s no wonder that many service members, both active duty and retired, choose to buy in the area. But what happens when you’ve purchased your Colorado Springs home and then receive PCS orders? What do you do with your home? Before you decide to throw up a “For Sale” sign, check out how Real Property Management Colorado can help with your military relocation from Colorado Springs by renting your home instead!


Rent, Don’t Sell!

The Colorado Springs rental market is h.o.t. HOT! With high demand and low inventory, rental rates have never been better for investors looking to cash in in Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs is also ranked as a great place to invest in rental properties according to Rentometer, with rents for 3-bedroom single-family homes averaging around $1800/month. So why not take advantage?

Rental homes are also moving quickly in Colorado Springs. At the time of writing this post, our current average days on market is only 20.6. This means you could potentially have a qualified renter faster than it takes on average to list and sell your home.

And with Real Property Management Colorado on your team, you can reap the benefits of owning a rental property stress-free no matter where you’re stationed. We handle the day-to-day management, including rent collection and disbursement, maintenance coordination, and resident screening and lease management for you. And we’re 100% local, with agents who know and love Colorado Springs as much as you do. So all you have to do is sit back and relax while we do all the heavy lifting!


A Home to Come Back To After Your Military Relocation

Military life makes it difficult to put down roots when you’re constantly on the move. So when you find the right place to call home, it makes sense to hold on to it even with your military relocation. It’s nice to have a home to come back to in case you’re re-stationed in Colorado Springs or choose to retire there. By renting out your home, you ultimately have the option to come back when the time is right without having to find something new to purchase. That’s time, money, and stress saved right there!

Military Discounts

You’ve dedicated your life to serving our country. Words alone can’t express our gratitude for all that you do, which is why Real Property Management Colorado is happy to offer a military discount to all of our men and women in the armed forces. Just ask your sales associate for details!


There are countless benefits to renting out your Colorado Springs home. Experts agree that owning real estate is one of the most solid investments you can have. With a great market like Colorado Springs, it makes sense to take advantage when you can. So if you’ve received your latest PCS orders and want to hold on to your home, we’re ready to help make your military relocation a little less stressful by renting your Colorado Springs home for you! Real Property Management Colorado has the skills, knowledge, and the right team to help manage your home for as long as you need.


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