Take Advantage of Colorado Springs’ Hot Rental Market and Military Discounts!

Colorado Springs Property Management

Colorado Springs’ rental market has long been one that investors have kept their eye. It’s grown significantly over the last few years and often ranks as one of the best places to live in the US. And if COVID has shown us anything, it’s that many renters can keep their Denver jobs while living in the more affordable Colorado Springs. Better yet, now they can do so without getting trapped with the rest of the I-25 commuters by working remotely from home. This and many other factors have set the Colorado Springs rental market on fire. We here at Real Property Management Colorado encourage landlords and real estate investors to take full advantage of it! And we’re here to help you do so!


Colorado Springs’ Hot Rental Market

According to data from RentCafe, apartment rents in Colorado Springs have increased year-over-year by 14%. Comparatively, Denver only saw a 6% gain. The average rent on a 3-bedroom single family home in Colorado Springs sits a little above $1800 per month. Currently, available rentals are low while demand has all but skyrocketed.

A Great Investment

 Colorado Springs has also proven to be a great city to invest in, with home values increasing by 25% over the last year according to Zillow. And in a side-by-side comparison of which market offered the better investment, Colorado Springs beat Denver as the overall better market for owning a rental property.  Suffice it to say, investing in Colorado Springs’ hot rental market really does pay off!


We’re Here to Help!

Managing a rental property in Colorado Springs can be daunting. It takes a level of dedication and expertise, not to mention a ton of patience and skill. From screening potential tenants to coordinating maintenance repairs, to drafting a solid lease agreement and handling tenant disputes and violations, there are so many moving pieces involved with managing your Colorado Springs rental home effectively. That’s where we come in! Real Property Management Colorado are the experts when it comes to residential property management in Colorado Springs. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners and real estate investors manage their rental properties. We handle the day-to-day so that you can focus on what’s important. And we offer military discounts to boot!

So if you’re ready to start reaping in the benefits of Colorado Springs’ hot rental market and are looking for a property manager, give us a call at 719-471-RENT (7368) or get started with your FREE Rental Analysis! And as a thank you to our brave men and women in uniform, ask us about our Military Discount!