How to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

Denver Property Management

Home is where the heart is. It’s our castle, our safe haven. It’s where we feel safest and where we come to unwind. And whether you’re renting the place you call home or own it outright, there are a few key things that can make a house feel like home. So when it comes to landlords and tenants, how can we make a rental feel like home? Here are a few key ideas for both sides of the lease agreement to consider.

How to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home: The Landlord’s Version


Landlord holds such a negative connotation despite being an essential role in providing housing. One way to defy the stigma is to provide incredible service to your residents. Keeping the property well maintained and addressing issues as they arise not only shows your residents that you care, it can also help make the property feel more like a home. So aside from keeping the lines of communication open and exhibiting a professional manner in all dealings with your residents, there are a few things you can do to the property itself to help make it more than just a rental property.


Invest in Your Investment

Don’t think of your property as just a rental. Remember it’s a home, too. That being said, you want to put your home’s best foot forward by keeping it well maintained and updated. Consider adding a fresh coat of paint or upgrade the flooring in between tenants. Invest in your rental’s kitchen and bathrooms by updating the cabinets, counters, and appliances. Not only does this help increase the value of one of your greatest assets, it shows potential residents that you care about your property. Not to mention that staying on top of preventative maintenance and adding a few updates here and there can help increase the return on your investment. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

Keep it Neutral


Everyone has a different idea of home. Given that most rentals see a vast array of different residents at any given time, you want to make sure your home appeals to as many different types as possible. This is why neutral tones are key. Gentle grays and whites go with just about every décor style. The same goes for neutral beiges and tans. It can be hard for residents to feel at home when the wall colors clash with everything they own. So when it comes time to add a fresh coat of paint, be sure to keep it neutral.



Maintain Your Investment

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: Maintenance will always be part of property management. How you handle maintenance at your home will mean the different between an excellent and a horrible rental experience. Be sure to address any and all maintenance requests quickly and efficiently. When hiccups arise (and they will), keep the lines of communication open with your residents so they know what’s going on. And even if your intention is to deny a maintenance request (like cosmetic repairs), be sure to listen to your tenant and explain why you’ve chosen not to proceed with the repair.


How to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home: The Resident’s Guideline

Landlords can only do so much to make a rental feel like home. The vast majority of that falls on the resident’s shoulders. After all, they’re the ones living in the home day-to-day. So how can residents make a rental feel more like home?


Unpack and Declutter Quickly

It can be hard to settle into your new home while stuck amidst a sea of boxes and clutter. Be sure to unpack and place things in their proper place as quickly as possible. It may be tedious and at times daunting, but it’s part of moving. You’ll find that once you do, it’ll be easier to feel at home in your new abode.

Personalize the Space


Many people find it hard to truly personalize a space when renting. There’s only so much you can do without modifying the space, right? Wrong! While you may not be able to paint or switch out appliances and fixtures, there are multiple way to personalize your space and make the property you’re renting your home. If color is your goal, choose furniture and décor that add just that. Hang paintings and pictures. Arrange your furniture strategically to hide the less homey aspects of the space, like cords and power strips. Add area rugs. The possibilities are endless!



Make Memories

Home isn’t just the structure you live in. It’s a feeling, the people or pets you’re with, and the memories you make. It’s family and friends, comfort and safety. So one of the best ways to make the place you live feel like home is to make the most of the time you’re there. Make memories and enjoy the space you’re in.


Home may be where the heart is, but it doesn’t get there if we don’t invest in the place we put it. Help make your space feel more like home no matter what side of the lease agreement you fall on.