Evictions – The Ugly Side of Property Management

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Evictions are an unfortunate part of property management. No landlord wants to go through the lengthy and expensive process, but knowing how to navigate it is a must. If an eviction does become necessary, make sure you’re aware of any and all local laws surrounding the removal of tenants and that you have a solid case should things go sour. If questions arise or you’re not sure how to proceed, consult a real estate attorney for further guidance.

Causes For Evictions

In order to remove a tenant, there needs to be a valid reason. The most common reason for evictions is, of course, failure to pay the rent. However, there are additional causes that can lead to an eviction. These include violating the lease agreement, committing a crime on the premises, or harming others or the property itself.

Giving Notice

Evictions aren’t as simple as telling tenants to leave and changing the locks on them. In fact, the whole process can be both time-consuming and expensive. The first step in the eviction process is providing the tenant notice. There are also situations where the tenant must be allowed time to cure the issue before an eviction notice can be served. Be sure to research all legal requirements in your area and consult an experienced landlord-tenant attorney of the proper steps.

Alternative Steps Prior to Eviction

Because evictions take time and money, it may be beneficial to see if an alternative resolution exists first. What’s their history? If it’s your tenant’s first time being late on the rent, send them a reminder. We all know how busy life can get. Hopefully, it’s just a one-time issue.

Follow-up with your tenants quickly and professionally. Maybe it’s something as simple as a bank error or they just forgot to submit payment. Either way, make sure to act fast and remain firm when rent doesn’t show.

If you’re dealing with a difficult tenant and don’t want to proceed with an eviction just yet, try offering them an out. In some situations, it’s better to get the problem tenant out and begin looking for a new one rather than going through a time-consuming eviction.

If you’ve exhausted all resources and the problem still exists, it may be time to begin the eviction process. Be sure to follow all laws surrounding the proper steps for evicting your tenant. If you’re unsure how to proceed, consult your attorney for further guidance.

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Evictions can be ugly, but Real Property Management Colorado can help guide you through the process and we do our best to keep the headache to a minimum. Our team is has the knowledge and expertise to help walk you through the process should problems arise and our legal team is always ready!

** Please note this post is for informational purposes only and not substitute for the advice or service of an attorney. Please consult with an attorney for any questions or information on the legal requirements and steps for proceeding with an eviction.