Even a Landlord Needs a Vacation

Denver Property Management

Managing a rental property can easily become a full-time job, and one that goes 24-7-365. But that doesn’t mean that landlords can’t take time off for some needed R&R. Even a landlord needs a vacation, and there’s an easily solution to make sure things go smoothly while you’re away.

Wrap Up Any Outstanding Projects or Issues

Make sure to finish up any big projects or resolve any larger conflicts before you go. This will help make your downtime more enjoyable without leaving any loose ends. The last thing you want to think about while lounging on the beach is that big repair you needed to wrap up and didn’t. Resolving any larger issues before you go also helps keep your tenants happy. They won’t have to worry about unfinished projects or unresolved complaints while you’re gone. Having everything wrapped up means you can enjoy your much-needed relaxation time without the stress of unfinished items hanging over your head.

Choose Your Vacation Time Wisely

While managing a rental doesn’t ever really stop, it does have an ebb and flow of activity throughout the year. Try and plan your vacations around those natural downtimes in order to make the most of your time away, like a time between spring and fall maintenance. If possible, try and avoid holidays, as these can actually be rather stressful times for both landlords and tenants. And choosing off times from the regular peak vacation seasons can actually save you money and allow you to get the most of your time away.

Choose An Emergency Contact

Things can and will go wrong while you’re away. Choosing someone for your tenants to contact in the event of an emergency can create peace of mind for both you and your renters. Make sure to let your tenants know who to reach out to while you’re gone and let your emergency contact know what situations to contact you for. And for real peace of mind, consider hiring a property management company like Real Property Management Colorado to handle your rental for you. Our team can take care of everything, from maintenance calls to rent collection, while you’re gone so you can focus on making memories without worrying about your investment.