Do I Need to Change the Locks Between Tenants?

Denver Property Management, Landlord Essentials

Your previous tenant has moved out and you’re on the fast track to moving new ones in. As you reach for the front door to finalize those last little maintenance items, you stop and wonder whether or not you need to change the locks. After all, the previous tenant returned all of the keys and you were present for all of the showings. Is it really necessary?

Is a Lock Change Necessary?

Although not technically required by law, changing the locks between tenants should be on your to-do list before moving new ones in. After all, maintaining the safety and security of the property is your responsibility. Regardless of how many keys your past tenants turned over at move-out, you never know who they gave copies to and whether or not they turned all of them in. The liability that comes with not doing so just isn’t worth the risk. So though not a legal requirement, most experts would argue it is necessary.

A Relatively Low Cost for Peace of Mind

Would you rather pay a small sum to have the locks changed or a hefty lawsuit? Changing the locks typically costs a few hundred bucks when hiring a professional, a minimal cost for peace of mind. After all, you never know who a past tenant gave keys to and having someone easily enter your home can be a frightening, even deadly, experience.


Tenants Request and Expect It

Tenants want to feel safe in their new home, and knowing that someone out there somewhere has access to the property that isn’t the landlord or property manager can make that challenging. Not only that, but tenants also expect the locks to be changed. Finding out that they won’t be can often be a deal breaker, leaving you with a vacant property and back to square one.

It’s Easy To Do

The beauty of our day and age is that there are so many different technologies available to make something like changing the locks fast, simple, and easy to do. Consider investing in “smart key” technology, which can make the whole process take only seconds. There is an abundance of options, all of which help keep your property secure and your future tenants safe.

Safe and Secure

Making sure your tenants are safe and your property is secure is a necessity. This is why changing the locks between tenants is crucial. And if your property has a garage code, consider changing that as well for extra security measures. You can never be too careful when it comes to maintaining the safety and security of your tenants and your investment!