If Your Denver Home Isn’t Selling, Consider Renting It Instead!

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According to Redfin, Denver ranked 5th in the US for slowdowns in the buy and sell housing markets between February and August 2022. So if you’ve noticed your Denver home isn’t selling, you’re not alone. Many homeowners in the Denver metro area are seeing increased time on the market or having trouble selling entirely, something no one would have thought possible within the last year. That being said, we have an alternative solution for homeowners in Denver whose homes just aren’t selling. Try renting it instead! In fact, we can help you get started with that right away with our Free Rental Analysis! Contact us today to see how much your home could rent for now.

If Your Denver Home Isn’t Selling, We Have A Solution!

The housing market continually ebbs and flows. But what do you do with your home after your needs have changed and you can’t continue living in it during this time? If your Denver home isn’t selling, the best solution may be to hold on to it a bit longer and rent it out instead. You could lease it out for a year or two, then try selling it again when the market shifts.

Benefits of Renting Your Home

Owning a rental property provides a great opportunity. There’s a reason many choose to invest in long-term real estate by purchasing homes to rent out. Not only do you have someone paying down your mortgage, but you also have the opportunity to earn additional income. Other pros include tax benefits and home appreciation over time, all of which add more money in your pocket!

And You Don’t Have To Do It Alone!

Owning a rental poses challenges, but you don’t have to do it alone! Hiring a professional property manager like Real Property Management Colorado to manage your home for you makes the process smooth and simple. You can be hands-off, knowing your home is well taken care of, and still reap the benefits of owning an investment property. We handle everything, from marketing your home and screening tenants to drafting the lease agreement, collecting rent, and handling maintenance requests. And property management is all we do, so there’s no conflict of interest should you decide to sell your property down the road.

So don’t let your home sit vacant in a changing market. Put it to work for you while you wait to try and sell later down the road. And should you decide that owning a rental property suits you, the team here at Real Property Management Colorado is ready to help you every step of the way!


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