How to Communicate Effectively with Your Westminster Tenants


Communication is the bedrock of any relationship, both personal and professional. It plays such a vital role in establishing a positive experience, avoiding misunderstandings and other potential pitfalls. The same goes for communicating with your tenants. So here are a few tips to communicate effectively with your Westminster tenants. And if you find that DIY property management just isn’t right for you, we’re here to help! Real Property Management Colorado handles all communication with tenants so that you don’t have to. Contact us today to learn more.

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Tips to Communicate Effectively with Your Westminster Tenants

Learn to Listen Well

There’s a stark difference between hearing what someone is saying and listening to them. More often than not, we hear to respond rather than actively listen to what’s being said. When speaking with your tenants, stay engaged. Take notes and repeat their concerns along with what your game plan is for getting the problem resolved. Knowing that they’ve been heard helps resolve conflict before it spirals out of hand, so listen well and follow through.

Respond Promptly

A lot of us are procrastinators at heart, whether intentionally or by accident. We get distracted or we avoid responding to someone for fear of conflict. Communicating effectively means responding promptly, even when you don’t have good news (or any news for that matter) to share. Set proper expectations for responses with your tenants by giving them a timeline, then stick with it. In many situations, a timely response is required to avoid confrontation or further damage. If you need help remembering to respond, set reminders in your calendar and stick to them. Your tenants will appreciate the follow-through!

Adjust Your Style To Fit Your Tenants

Technology has, and continues to, impact communication in many ways. And as younger and more technologically savvy renters continue to enter the market, you have to adjust your communication style to fit your audience and the given situation. Integrate text, email, and other digital solutions into your communication processes. For situations where an old-fashioned phone call is appropriate, follow up with an email detailing the conversation points to help avoid misunderstandings. And remember to always be professional and friendly.

Handle Confrontation Professionally

No one likes to be yelled at. But when things get escalated, the only thing you have control over is yourself. Stay calm and professional, no matter how heated the other party gets. Listen actively and empathize with them. We’re all human, after all. Sometimes knowing that you hear them and understand helps to de-escalate the situation. Once you understand their concerns, formulate a plan of action, set expectations, and then follow through. Keep the lines of communication open every step of the way and provide updates frequently, even when you’re still waiting for more information.

Tenants talking to their property management team

Follow these tips to help communicate effectively with your Westminster tenants and avoid misunderstandings whenever possible. It will help foster a positive relationship and keep you and your tenants satisfied!

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