Common Landlord Questions Answered— Leasing Scenarios

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tenantsManaging a rental property is no easy feat and is certainly not without its questions and concerns. Things happen, whether a tenant fails to pay rent, or a situation escalates to an eviction; there is no limit to the questions that arise while renting out your home. So with the help of Tschetter, Hamrick, and Sulzer Law Firm, here are a few answers that address atypical Leasing Scenarios that a property owner may encounter.

1)      I have a tenant who has rented from me for a couple years. Her husband left the family. She asked me about Section 8. Would it be discrimination if I did not choose to get involved with Section 8?

A)     You do not have to participate in the Section 8 program and it is not considered discriminatory to make that decision.

2)      If a tenant moves from one Real Property Management Colorado property to another, can I deduct the security deposit to cover any damages and fix-up for the prior property and then ask them for a separate deposit for the new unit?

A)     Yes, as you are wrapping up one lease and starting another. If allowing a tenant to move within Real Property Management Colorado properties, it is best to inspect the unit they are leaving before signing a new lease for the property they are moving into.

3)      The present rental agreement is for two tenants. One has passed away. Do I need to write a new rental agreement with the remaining tenant?

A)     You are not required to write up a new lease as the current tenant is still responsible for the full rent and other lease terms.

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