Tips For Making Your Rental’s Kitchen Feel Bigger

Denver Property Management, Landlord Essentials

There’s not much that compares to a nice open kitchen, but when your rental doesn’t have as much space to play with, how do you keep it from feeling cramped? Before you start knocking down walls or shopping contractors for a full-scale renovation, take a look at these tips for making the kitchen in your rental feel bigger!

#1: Paint it White!

White paint is a great way to make any room feel bigger, your kitchen included. Since white reflects light, it can make a room feel bigger and brighter even if there’s really not that much space. Match your countertops with a similar light color and try painting or matching bulkier items so that they blend in with the walls. A universal color scheme can create the illusion of more space, which is a win-win for you and your tenants!

#2: Try Horizontal Lines 

Horizontal lines can make a space feel wider and more open. This can be accomplished with the flooring in your kitchen, like hardwood floors. Just be sure to try to align the panels horizontally from the entrance to the back of the room to create the right effect.

#3: Bright Lights

Nothing makes a room feel smaller than dull and gloomy lighting. Bright lights create the opposite effect. Take advantage of natural lighting if you have it by replacing heavy curtains with light-weight and sheer options. Add bright fixtures and if possible, try lights above, below, and inside cupboards.

#4: Shiny Appliances

Shiny appliances reflect light, which furthers the wide-open feel that white walls accomplish. Shiny appliances, like stainless steel, also provide a new and modern feel. This can be a big plus!

#5: Organization

In smaller kitchens, storage can often be lacking. Adding a few touches that add storage to your kitchen space is another way to make the room feel bigger by decluttering the space. Walk shelves, pegboards, magnetic holders, or any other space-saving organizers are all great options for freeing up space.

When it comes to your rental’s kitchen, creating the illusion of extra space is a great way to attract renters without breaking the bank on a complete remodel. So if it’s time to do some updates to your rental, consider these few ways that can help your rental’s kitchen feel bigger and brighter!