Spring Cleaning Has Sprung

Denver Property Management, In the Community

Spring cleaning has sprung! You know what they say; February snow brings a March glow!  With the spring season eagerly knocking at our doorsteps, many of us are feeling less than ready when it comes to our home’s cleanliness and organization – making that March glow more of just a flickering light.  But never fear; help is here.  We gathered a list of our top three favorite ways we clean and organize our own homes without putting a dent in our busy schedules or our wallet!

  1. Make your own all-purpose cleaner – with an inevitable dust build up over the past few winter months, you are bound to need a reliable cleaner. Spraying those chemicals all over your house is not good for you or your family…which is why this 3 ingredient all-purpose cleaner recipe, listed below, is a necessity.  Save time AND money with these easy steps.
    • 4 cups white vinegar
    • 1/2 cup Castile soap (or Dawn dish soap)
    • 20-40 drops essential oils (optional:your choice of lavender, lemon, orange, peppermint, or other)
    • Add ingredients to a gallon jug. Fill to the top with water
      Mix gently (too much shaking will make the bubbles overflow)
      Distribute into spray bottles as needed.
  2. Re-purpose old clothing such as t-shirts as rags to clean the dirtiest parts of your home! Let’s face it, as glistening as we may think our home appears to be at first glance, we all have those nooks and crannies where dust, grime, and oily build ups like to hide.  Areas such as bathrooms and kitchens tend to collect this residue more than other spots.  Check behind your toilets, in your tubs, on your counters, and behind any major appliance and instead of using paper towels, which are harmful to our environment and your wallet…grab that old t-shirt you haven’t worn since the 90’s and put it to good use.
  3. But why stop there? Now that you’ve given your old t-shirts a second chance at life…why not take a look around for more re-purposing opportunities!  Instead of just throwing away an old pasta sauce jar after Wednesday night spaghetti, why not rinse it and use the jar as a vase for some Daffodils or a pencil jar for those days you work from home.  Is your pantry a mess like mine?  Clear out the clutter with an over the door plastic shoe rack to store granola bars, fruit snacks, and all your favorite treats.  After you buy all those munchies, you’re bound to have some plastic grocery bags lying around…use an empty Kleenex box to store them; making the bags easy to snatch and out of your way.

We hope these tips were as helpful to you as they were to us…get started now so a murky home doesn’t take the spring out of your step this season!