How To Deal With Long-Term Guests in Your Aurora Rental

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Your resident having a guest seems harmless enough and more often than not isn’t something to worry about. But what happens when that guest decides to make themselves at home? What if they violate the lease or cause damage? Having someone living in your Aurora rental who never signed the lease can become a serious issue for landlords. So how do you deal with long-term guests in your Aurora rental property?

What Is A Long-Term Guest?

A guest is ultimately anyone who stays at your property and is not named on the lease. From grandma and grandpa visiting for a few weeks to your resident’s significant other who stays the night from time to time, guests more often than not are not an issue. It’s when said guest takes up residency or begins to create problems or disturbances that problems arise.


Why Long-Term Guests Can Be Dangerous

Long-term guests can pose a liability for landlords as they’re not bound to the agreement like your resident is. They also haven’t gone through a background, credit, and criminal check either, creating a lot of unknowns. And should an eviction become necessary, having someone claim to be living in the home who isn’t named on your lease agreement can throw a wrench in the whole process, making it significantly more complicated and stressful.


What Should a Landlord Do?

You want your residents to enjoy the company of their guests while protecting your interests at the same time. For that reason, it’s important to make sure your lease addresses long-term guests. Consult with a real estate attorney for specifics and any local laws that may apply to come up with a solid clause. Ensure that your tenants understand the process for guests staying longer than what your agreement allows and any penalties for unauthorized occupants living in the home. Should issues arise, stick to your agreement and proceed accordingly.


Long-Term Guests Turned Unauthorized Occupants

While most residents don’t intentionally try to violate the lease and follow the proper channels for having long-term guests approved, some try to cheat the system. If you suspect your resident has unauthorized occupants living in the home, act quickly. Document any proof, then follow your lease agreement and address the situation with the residents. Have any adults not named on the lease apply and meet your approval criteria, then add them to the lease. If they refuse, continue forward with the terms of your lease and any legal avenues available, including filing an eviction. Just be sure to check your local laws first or consult with an attorney on how best to proceed before moving forward.


Long-term guest scenarios come in a variety of shapes and sizes, many of which are completely innocent and pose no issue. Make sure to discuss your guest policy with your residents before they move-in and make the procedures and penalties clear from the get-go. And should problems arise, act quickly and in line with your lease agreement.


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