Single-Family Home Management in Colorado Springs

From the Garden of the Gods to the growing number of craft breweries to the proximity of Pikes Peak, there’s an awful lot to love about life in Colorado Springs. Today, it’s the second most populous city in 
Colorado, which makes it a great choice for property owners interested in renting out their single-family homes.

Colorado Springs is home to many military families, as well as college students, both of whom have drastically different needs when it comes to rentals and lease agreements. Add to that the challenge involved with managing a single-family rental, and it becomes clear that you need a helping hand.

At RPM Colorado, we deliver critical solutions to your most pressing needs. We offer an end-to-end single-family home management service that covers every aspect, from marketing your property to collecting rent, overseeing maintenance, and even dealing with move-in/move-out inspections. It’s never been easier to earn a reliable income from your rental property.

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The Unique Aspects of Single-Family Home Management in Colorado Springs

The single-family rental market in Colorado Springs can be quite lucrative, but the complexity involved can be quite daunting. Owners must find a way to attract tenants, screen them to ensure the best fit and reduce risk, create binding lease agreements, handle the maintenance of the property, collect rent and deal with late or missing payments, and so much more. You must also find a way to make your home stand out from others on the market, as well as compete with apartments, condos, and other properties that often have amenities and services not available with a single-family home.

The good news is that the right property management partner can help. However, not all Colorado Springs rental management firms are created equal. Many of our competitors also buy and sell properties. Because buying and selling tend to be more lucrative than rental property management, their rental clients often come last. 

At RPM Colorado, we specialize in rental property management in Colorado Springs. We aren’t involved in the buy/sell market, which means you are always our top priority. We’re able to deliver a customized management solution based on your unique needs and goals, as well as the level of involvement you want in the day-to-day management of your rentals. We can:

  • Market your property
  • Screen potential tenants using in-depth background checks, criminal record checks, credit checks, and more
  • Create binding lease agreements that protect your interests while complying with local laws and regulations
  • Help you navigate the highly fragmented rental industry in Colorado Springs
  • Conduct quarterly visits to the property and check for maintenance issues
  • Manage tenant communications and rent collection, including late payments

In short, RPM Colorado delivers a turnkey service that transforms the rental property experience. With a trusted partner on your side, it’s possible to build income streams from your rentals while still being able to focus on what matters in your own life.

Interested in learning more about our single-family home management solutions or our tenant screening capabilities?

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We Help You Overcome the Challenges Associated with Single-Family Rental Management

Managing a single-family home rental in Colorado Springs can be very complicated. The complexity increases with each additional property. Working with a trusted partner like RPM ensures that you’re able to stay on top of critical issues like property maintenance and tenant compliance with rules and regulations while still being able to focus on other projects.

At RPM, we understand the complexity of rental property management. Our team of local experts has years of experience working with clients just like you to handle pressing needs, including:

  • Property Upkeep – For many of our clients, ensuring that tenants are keeping up with the property is a major challenge. This is particularly difficult in Colorado Springs because the yards are often older and lack sprinkler systems. We pay in-person visits regularly to inspect the home, as well as the yard, and ensure that tenants are upholding their care-related responsibilities.
  • Unauthorized Pets – Allowing pets on a property is a big decision, as it can lead to major damage and repair costs due to irresponsible tenants. Many of our clients do not allow pets, but that doesn’t mean that tenants abide by the rules. During our regular inspections, we check for signs of unauthorized pets and pet-related damage and then hold the tenant accountable for those violations.
  • Smoking – Smoking causes incredible damage to a property and dramatically increases the risk of a structure fire. However, prohibiting smoking doesn’t mean that your tenants won’t smoke in the home. We regularly inspect for signs of smoking within the home and enforce no-smoking policies to protect your investment.
  • Strategy – The Colorado Springs rental market is incredibly fast-paced. Most properties are only vacant for a week or two at the most. We help you strategize marketing and tenant screening to minimize vacancies and compete with other properties.
  • Lease Agreements – For single-family homes in Colorado Springs, a one-year lease remains the standard. We help you create binding lease agreements that protect your interests while adhering to local rules and state laws. We can also create flexible lease agreements to meet the unique needs of military families in the area.
  • Repairs and Fitment – While single-family homes are less likely to experience damage from renters than other types of rental properties, it still happens. We ensure that you’re able to handle any repairs quickly, efficiently, and affordably, without cutting corners.

The Trusted Partner You Need

At RPM Colorado, we’re more than just another single-family management firm. Our team has years of experience, and we’re locals, too. We understand the unique aspects of Colorado Springs’ rental market and bring industry best practices to bear to help make the rental ownership experience more enjoyable and profitable while reducing stress and risk.

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