Everybody Loves Denver

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The Mile High City attracts more and more out-of-state movers every year, with Denver counties listed as some of the most popular. Between 2009 and 2013, around 23,738 people moved to Denver County alone, while only 19,360 people moved out of state. Now take into account the number of people who jumped counties verses moving out of state completely, and an entirely new picture is painted. Between that time frame, 42,674 people move into Denver County from other counties, while 47,155 switched to a different county. Denver County also attracted about 4,874 residents from overseas!

Both Arapahoe and Jefferson County show similar results. For Arapahoe County, 19,187 people moved into the county from out of state and only 15,128 people moved away, and 38,246 Coloradans moved into the county compared to the 34,290 who moved to a different county. Jefferson County also attracted more people than it lost— 4,396 more people moved into the country from out of state than those who moved away from Colorado altogether. Douglas County’s population grew by 1,163, while Broomfield only saw about 777 more people moving in than out. Adams County saw the smallest growth, with only 307 more people moving to the county verses moving away.

With so many more people moving to the Mile High City rather than away from it, it’s easy to see that everybody loves Denver!