CycleNation Event 2018!

Denver Property Management, In the Community

Last month, a few of our team members, including Greg Bacheller, Brandi Bishop, and Scott Litchard, threw on their work-out clothes and headed downtown to help support the 2018 CycleNation Denver event! The event itself was incredible and so you can visualize it with us, just imagine a huge outdoor spin class with hundreds of participants all gathered together for one great cause.

This is the second year that Team RPM Colorado took part in the event to help raise awareness for stroke and heart disease, and with lots of great partners, they had an awesome time taking turns riding the spin bike. It’s always great to participate in an event supporting such an incredible and important cause.

CycleNation’s focus is to help educate people on living brain- and heart-healthy through staying active, using the focus of cycling to help achieve their goal. Cycling strengthens heart muscles, lowers your resting pulse, and increases mental sharpness; not to mention it’s great exercise and fun when you’re surrounded by a huge group of people all riding together to high-energy music! And with strokes and heart disease being such a significant issue here in the U.S., education and raising support to help lower the risks of succumbing to such life changing, if not fatal, events can make a world of difference.

CycleNation was able to meet their goal this year, raising over $675,000 for the American Heart Association! Congrats! We look forward to taking part again next year!