Should You Allow Big Dogs in Your Colorado Springs Rental

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Coloradans love dogs. It’s a fact that can’t be disputed. A few years back, Rover and Zillow voted Denver as one of the most dog-friendly cities in 2021. About 47% of Coloradans reported owning a pet in 2020, with over half of that number being dog owners. Colorado Springs is no different, so the odds of having a tenant ask to bring along their dog are pretty high. But what happens when that dog is over 60 lbs? 80 lbs? 100 lbs? Should you allow big dogs in your Colorado Springs rental property?

Big Dogs vs Small Dogs in Your Colorado Springs Rental

You’ve already chosen to allow dogs in your Colorado Springs rental home. Now it’s time to decide if you want to set further restrictions on the dog’s size. So what are the pros and cons of big dogs vs small dogs?

The logic behind setting size restrictions for dogs in your rental property aims to mitigate potential damage the dog may cause. Big dogs mean bigger damage, right? Not always. The answer isn’t always that black and white. Small dogs have also been known to chew baseboards, cabinets, and, of course, pee on the carpets. On the downside, bigger dogs dig bigger holes and may cause more damage to your landscaping than their smaller counterparts.


Size May Not Be The Best Judge

Whether you’re dealing with a gentle giant or a pocket puppy, size may not be the best determinant on whether or not they should be allowed in your Colorado Springs rental. Size doesn’t always account for annoying behaviors or destructive tendencies. After all, a 10lb dog could cause a great deal of noise whereas an 80lb dog may prefer to sleep all day. Oftentimes, it can all boil down to the individual dog.


Let Your Rental Determine Your Policy

Instead of letting size be the deciding factor, consider using your property type to judge whether or not to allow a bigger dog. Is there enough space for a large breed dog? How about the yard space? If you own an 800 square foot condo on the third floor, it’s probably not as well suited to a bigger dog.

Our canine companions mean a lot to us and choosing the right home for them is just as important as choosing one for ourselves. Allowing dogs in your rental property not only opens up the number of potential tenants, but it’s also a great way to find long-lasting ones. So when it comes to deciding how big of a pup you’re comfortable with, take into consideration that size may not always be the best scale of judgment.


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