8 Decorating Tips to Feel at Home in Your Rental

Denver Property Management, In the Community

decorating-rental-blogEveryone wants to feel at home in the place they live, but when you’re living in someone else’s house, you have to get creative! So here are 8 decorating tips to feel at home in your rental!

  1. Hang curtains, either over windows or use them as room dividers.
  2. Use wall decals to spruce up any room in the house. They peel right off damage free! If you’re not allowed to use nails, hang things up with Command Strips or Sticky-Tack, allowing you to hang photos without the damaging holes in the walls. You can even hang pictures up with strings and clothespins or make a photo collage on the wall, adding a unique, frameless touch to your own personal or favorite photos.
  3. Throw down accent rugs to add color and style to your floors.
  4. If you can’t get landlord permission to paint the walls, paint your furniture! It adds color without risking your security deposit.
  5. Use bright, patterned fabrics for your bedding, pillows, and blankets throughout the house.
  6. Bring in some greenery through potted plants; whether real or fake, they’ll add a homely splash of color.
  7. Add color and attention by painting the backings of your bookshelves. It’s unique and pretty cool without damaging the property.
  8. Add plenty of lighting. Buy decorative floor or table lamps to lighten up the rooms while simultaneously providing just the right amount of color or pattern you want.

There’s no limit to the damage-free decorating tips you can use to feel at home in your rental. However, if you do decide to make any permanent changes, be sure to get landlord permission in writing before doing so.