Stop, Drop & Roll! Wildfire Proof Your Home NOW!

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With all this frigid air and snow it’s hard to believe that there will be a time in the near future with sunshine and warm days!  But believe it or not, that time is rapidly approaching and excessive heat plus the dry climate of Colorado causes the chance for wildfires to skyrocket. So stop, drop & roll! Wildfire proof your home NOW!

Is your home at risk?

According to the recent CoreLogic analysis, Colorado ranks as number four in the nation for homes at “high risk” for wildfire damage.  Nearly one third of the houses in jeopardy of wildfires are in highly populated areas that specifically include Denver, Aurora and Lakewood.  With 50,069 homes in Colorado that are quite literally in the line of fire, here are some helpful tips to fire proof your family and your homes for the upcoming season.

Helpful Tips

  • Establish a defensible space around your home, a space that acts as a buffer between the vegetation surrounding your home to decrease or slow the rate at which a fire can reach your property.
  • Create a wildfire action plan to ensure your family is well aware of the procedures of a safe exit in the unfortunate case of a fire.
  • Assemble an emergency supply kit with necessities such as medication, non-perishable foods, and a change of clothes in order to ensure a safe and quick evacuation of the property.
  • Always remember the six P’s in case immediate evacuation is required:
    • People & Pets
    • Papers, phone numbers, important documents
    • Prescriptions
    • Pictures
    • Personal computer/hard drive
    • “Plastic” (credit cards/cash)

Please contact your local fire department or for any further questions or concerns.