Football and Real Estate?

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Whether or not you’re a big football fan, the Super Bowl is always a huge event. Friends and family gather to watch the big game, the commercials, and, of course, the half-time show. And with the Denver Broncos going to this year’s Super Bowl 50, that just makes everything more exciting for those of us in the Mile High City!

It’s All About The Vacancy Rates

 But what exactly does that have to do with the Denver real estate market? Well, according to an article in the Dallas Business Journal, it’s a pretty big part of Roger Staubach’s prediction. The NFL Hall of Fame quarterback and JLL’s Americas Executive Chairman made his prediction, and it favors the Denver Broncos. Staubach’s prediction is based on Denver’s vacancy rate, which came in a little higher than Charlotte’s (13.1% compared to 12.3%). According to the article, Staubach’s predictions are correct 60% of the time, too, so if you’re a Broncos fan, that’s great news!

Regardless of who you’re rooting for this Super Bowl 50, we here at Real Property Management Colorado hope you enjoy the game and time spent with family and friends.

Go Broncos!